Jul 2012 - Sep 2012


A Field In England was written by Amy Jump and developed by Ben Wheatley, Claire Jones and Andy Starke at Rook Films with Anna Higgs and Eva Yates at Film4 over a period of around two months, with Ben first meeting to talk about the project with Anna on 11th July 2012.

Warning! All content in the masterclass contains spoilers.

  • The misty field

    In the very beginning…

    "Ben Wheatley has wanted to make an English Civil War film ever since I’ve known him..." Producer Claire Jones on finding the perfect field, even before funding had been put in place.

  • Andy Starke on set

    Small, fast and uncompromising

    "If we just had a vault of cash, we’d probably make two a year..." Producer Andy Starke on how A Field In England fit into Rook Films' projected production cycle.

  • Anna Higgs and Michael Smiley

    The first conversations

    "The audience doesn’t have the fantastic luxury of being able to talk to the filmmaker direct." Commissioning Executive Anna Higgs on commissioning and developing A Field In England.

  • Ben Wheatley with clapper board

    Influences: video feature

    “I was thinking about psychedelia and The Trip and those kinds of student movies that don’t get made any more, where people take loads of drugs and go insane.” Ben Wheatley on the melting pot of influences stirred into A Field In England.

People Involved In Development