Oct 2012 - May 2013


A Field In England wrapped shooting on 6th October 2012. It was then edited, graded, mixed and scored. On 8th May 2013, it was announced that the film would be released simultaneously in cinemas, on Film4 channel, on DVD and on VoD on 5th July 2013.

Warning! All content in the masterclass contains spoilers.

  • edit keyboard

    The Edit Suite: video feature

    “This is the edit suite at Wheatley towers; I always edit at home.” Passionate about editing? Watch Ben Wheatley cutting together A Field In England and find out how he does it.

  • journey scene

    Dissecting the Edit Part I: video feature

    “This is something we dug out from the rushes and really liked, when Amy and I were cutting it.” Up close and in depth in post-production.

  • Firing a musket in A Field In England.

    Dissecting the Edit Part II: video feature

    "I'd have a quick gin and tonic and then I'd sit down and cut the scenes, and I'd be done in a couple of hours..." How a scene begins to take shape.

  • Special effects in A Field In England.

    Dissecting the Edit Part III: video feature

    "Now he leans forward, grabs the rifle and comes back, whereas before it was about 40 seconds of messing about…" Ben Wheatley discusses how much a scene can evolve during the edit.

  • anatomy scene

    A digital world

    "Most films deliver a 35mm print, but for A Field In England it felt that it was not integral to the way the film was conceived." Producer Claire Jones on a fully digital project.

  • music jim

    The Score: video feature

    “He’ll give me a kind of cultural brief and sometimes some specific examples... ‘Baloo My Boy’ is actually a Scottish tune, a bagpipe tune, I think.” Composer Jim Williams on the score for A Field In England.

  • An ill planet

    Looking back

    "Obviously we had to add the black planet. It was really important to nail the right look for that, and Electric Theatre have done a fantastic job." Producer Claire Jones on the journey from post-production to looking back at a finished film.

  • Sunrise on location

    Industrial evolution

    "The industry never really wants to do anything different, everyone quite likes it to be the same..." Producer Andy Starke on a changing release landscape.

  • A Field In England poster detail 3

    A first screening and a radical release

    Commissioning Executive Anna Higgs on screening an early cut of the film for the first time and the groundbreaking release plans that followed.

  • The ritzy cinema

    A Field In England: the cinema view

    "The inclusion of free-to-air TV to the mix was the curve ball. I'd be lying if I said that didn't give us pause for thought..." Gabriel Swartland, Head of Communications at Picturehouses, gives the cinema's perspective.

  • channel promo screengrab

    A Field In England on Film4 Channel

    "There’s also a rare chance to see Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo on television directly after A Field in England..." Head of Film4 Channel Julia Wrigley on the programming around the TV screening of A Field In England.

  • A Field In England BluRay detail

    A Field In England on DVD and BluRay

    "There is a very long list of extras, including a commentary with Producer Andy Starke and Sound Designer Martin Pavey as well as Ben Wheatley..." David Root of 4DVD explains what customers can look forward to from DVD and BluRay

  • anatomy scene ben

    Anatomy of a Scene: video feature

    “You can’t really see it here, but by the time you get to a big cinema that’ll be a nightmare.” Ben Wheatley on fixing it in post on A Field In England in our anatomy of a scene.

  • A Field In England BluRay detail

    The audience

    Commissioning Executive Anna Higgs on where A Field In England sits within British cinema and how it will reach its intended audience for the film.

People Involved In Post-production