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Warning! Contains Spoilers.

The evolution of the poster

Kenn Goodall – aka one half of design partnership The Twins Of Evil – shares the design process through which the poster for A Field In England came together.

Myself and Luke Insect were approached about working with Ben and Rook Films in late 2012, after Andy Starke bought one of our Witchfinder General screenprints. We had already worked on the Rook Films’ Sightseers OST vinyl release a few months previously and we were both big fans of Ben’s output so we were both very excited to be asked to work on the visual treatment for the film.

We read the screenplay for A Field In England and met up with Ben and Andy at Luke’s studio in Brighton to discuss ideas. If I remember correctly, this was a week or two before they shot the film. We were then sent a folder of ungraded stills from the shoot, which we began to generate imagery from.

Teaser Drawings

At the same time, we began to explore different typography treatments and make different variations of the ‘orb/dot’.

Typography treatments 1

Typography treatments 2

Typography treatments 3


Once we’d collated all this, the teaser poster image emerged pretty quickly. This was then made into a limited run screenprint and sold online.


Teaser poster

The next phase was the theatrical quad poster. It was decided to stick to the same aesthetic as the teaser poster. I got to work drawing each of the characters, in the same stark, scratchy feel as the teaser image. Luke then composed the characters and typeset the credits – and we were done.

The final poster drawings

The quad

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